Communication Consulting, Mental Health & Fitness

Lifelong advocate for mental health, fitness and toughness, Vincent Mays brings a unique angle to the realm of Communications Consulting. He offers his clients a productive perspective which strays from the norm.

Vincent Mays Consulting

Typically speaking, Communications Consultants work on the following tasks:

  • Branding efforts
  • Communications audits
  • Media Analysis

While Vincent Mays also offers these services, he primarily maintains a somewhat different perspective on communications consulting.  When a company takes him onboard as their Communications Consultant, he particularly focuses on their employees. He is a firm believer and advocate for the sentiment that a faulty foundation almost always leads to failure. By keeping this in mind, Vincent Mays works directly with a company’s employees to promote mental toughness and strength.

He explains mental toughness as an individual’s strength and resilience in terms of determination. Without a strong and healthy sense of mental toughness, success is more of a dream than an achievable reality. When working as a Communications Consultant for a company, Vincent Mays implements what he calls his “Mental Toughness Training.” Regardless of the overall project, this is almost always his first step in the process. Going back to his belief in one’s foundation dictating his/her success and ability, he truly believes that mental toughness must be evaluated and fine-tuned before embarking on any project.

Vincent Mays meets individually with a company’s employees to discuss mental toughness. At this stage in the process, he analyzes how the employee works on their own unique tasks within the group.  He does this by giving each employee a short assessment tailored towards the overall project. Based on the findings, he decides what can be done in order to strength the company as a group. Rather than casting away someone experiencing difficulties, he suggests ways in which the entire group can benefit and assist that particular team member.

Willie Mays, professional MLB player, is the cousin of Vincent Mays. Despite having the odds stacked against him, Willie Mays achieved a legendary career in the game. His reliance on his own mental toughness and strength helped him reach the heights he achieved. This inspired Vincent Mays and his entire family in a variety of ways. In particular, Vincent Mays cites the determination and mental perseverance of Willie Mays as a major motivating factor in his efforts to promote mental toughness in all areas of life.