Vincent Mays | Author, Community Leader, Consultant

Vincent Mays is a mental health advocate and Communications Consultant. He regularly participates in local community charity events and programs.

About Vincent Mays, Mental health & Fitness

Vincent Mays

Vincent Mays is a firm believer in the importance of mental toughness. In his view, the concept is vital to an individual’s success and overall wellbeing. The idea encompasses a variety of areas, including:

  • Stress maintenance
  • Accepting and learning from failures and mistakes
  • Connecting with people (particularly in one’s own community)
  • Improving and maintaining focus and concentration
  • Developing productive habits

The mental health advocate often discusses how to implement mental toughness on his blog.

In terms of his work as a Communications Consultant, Vincent Mays works directly with individuals and businesses to brand their ideas, concepts and projects. With a keen sense of understanding when it comes to interpersonal relationships, Vincent Mays brings ‘communication’ to the world of communications. When working with clients, he likes to set emphasis and undivided attention on their projects. He is always sure to listen to what the client wants and needs. He approaches the project with a logical perspective and always updates clients in an honest manner. A true individualist, the Communications Consulting services of Vincent Mays stray from the norm. Rather than working on branding in a traditional sense, he works with individuals to improve strength within their projects and companies. In his opinion, you cannot succeed with a faulty foundation! That’s why he works to strengthen companies from the inside out as a Communications Consultant.

Over the years, he has helped to promote a variety of mental health advocacy programs as well as disaster relief and other charities. You can learn more about these efforts by visiting

Fun Fact: He is the cousin of legendary Major League Baseball player, Willie Mays. He finds inspiration in his cousin’s career. Willie Mays is a testament to mental toughness, strength and determination.  In the face of adversity, he persevered -- this has always inspired Vincent Mays. In his own work, he emulates that same strength, on a different playing field.